Ziggy Xolane: Boosting the digital economy in Africa stimulates my passion for philanthropy

If you look at it through the lens of financial value and business achievement, you won’t have to think twice to come to the conclusion that Ziggy Xolane, better known as Xolanendhlovu, has a reputation for being in Forbes’ annual list of billionaires.

Indeed, Xolanendhlovu, chairman of DafriGroup Plc, earned a deserved honor for how he developed his multinational public company with the addition of DafriBank, a digital-only bank that is the first of its kind in Africa. Launched in July 2021, the bank offers digital entrepreneurs the possibility of transparent payment defying borders on all platforms and in more than 180 countries. With the founding of DafriBank, Ziggy Xolane has opened a new path for the continent’s teeming digital entrepreneurs and, by extension, is boosting Africa’s digital economy.

For someone who started life as a disc jockey, Ziggy Xolane started a multinational public company based in South Africa but with subsidiaries in Nigeria, Botswana, Comoros and the UK. Xolanendhlovu is also revolutionizing the workplace by ensuring equal opportunities for all who wish to work for its expanding business empire. It is particularly rooted in favor of gender equality in the workplace. At the University of Hohenheim when he was invited to be part of a research panel on the perception of female entrepreneurship in June 2021, Ziggy Xolane argued that women are important in the organization and as ambitious as men.

Expanding on the subject on his Instagram page, he revealed: “DafriGroup has taken a huge step forward to be more inclusive and supportive of women. We promote gender equality and take women’s leadership seriously in an effort to end misogyny and rewrite archaic gender roles.

In the same vein, he is also rewriting the paradigm of corporate social responsibility with his model of corporate and personal philanthropy. From the R500,000 contribution to the Covid-19 Solidarity Fund to the pledge of N100million for an education initiative for underprivileged children in Nigeria to personal gifts to the needy across Africa, Xolanendhlovu is leading the way of charity in a way that makes it clear that philanthropy is a calling for everyone.

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