They presented a precautionary measure to prevent the government from paying the IMF

Social leaders presented on Tuesday a caution in court for prevent the government from continuing to make payments to the IMF. The presentation was made by the director of Banco Nación, Claudio lozano, and the lawyer Jonatan Baldiviezo, president of the Observatory of the right to the city.

They want to prevent any disbursement – even the $ 1.8 billion installment that expires on Wednesday – until Congress rules on the constitutionality of the indebtedness the government Mauricio macri in 2018.

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The arguments of the judicial presentation against the payments to the IMF

“We come to ask for a caution so that the national state suspend all debt payments to the International Monetary Fund, until the National Congress analyzes the legality and constitutionality of the said debt and deals with new agreements with the IMF, including the payment scheduled for Wednesday, December 22, in the amount of 1.8 billion euros. dollars, ”the letter says.

In this regard, they asked the Court to urgently refer to the National Congress all Documentation, opinion reports, compiled in the context of the lawsuits against the government of Mauricio macri for fraudulent administration and fraud against the public administration, in connection with the credit obtained in 2018.

The objective is for the Legislature “to have all the information available to assess and consider the new agreement, and the legality Yes constitutionality debt to the IMF from 2018 ″.

“That the national State pay part of a debt with the IMF, when the formation of the said debt constituted essential part of the commission of various crimes denounced, involves continuing damage economic to the national state derived from the commission of crimes accredited in the present case and whose facts have been recognized by various state bodies ”, they argued in the presentation.

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And, therefore, they asked for justice brake “The deepening of the damages to the national state until the National Congress analyzes the legality and constitutionality of the debt to the IMF in 2018 or try a new offer with the IMF ”.

In dialogue with TNBaldiviezo confirmed the presentation in criminal justice on Tuesday and argued that this type of proposal that makes a subject “so relevant to the country” is not usual. So don’t lose hope of get a favorable decision before the turn of this Wednesday.

The full text of the presentation

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