The GACN commits transport stakeholders on the use of gas

By Zubairu Idris
Kano, July 2, 2021 The Gas Aggregation Company Nigeria (GACN) Ltd. and transport sector stakeholders engaged on issues of conversion to gas use by gasoline and diesel vehicles.
GACN chief executive Mr. Olalekan Ogunleye told Kano on Thursday that the country has enough gas to be used for both domestic and export purposes.
He explained that converting gasoline vehicles to gas increases their lifespan.
“The federal government has consistently focused on gas development over the past six years.
“This is a systematic approach that has been developed by industry leaders, primarily the president himself and the minister of state for petroleum and the group chief executive of the NNPC.
“As you probably know, 2020 is declared the year of gas and 2021-2030 has been declared the decade of gas.
“There is a systematic plan to ensure that we optimize our gas resources in Nigeria to generate jobs and economic development,” he said.
He added that gas was the main tool available today to create the economic well-being, which the country needs more than ever.
According to him, one of these initiatives was the automotive gas initiative as well as the commitment of the actors of the transport sector to convert their vehicles from diesel to gas.
“We are engaging with NARTO and NURTW to provide flexible solutions for them to switch from diesel to gas.
“The benefits of these are huge, for vehicle owners and transporters there is a minimum of 30% reduction in operating costs, which means the profits increase,” he said. .
He said there would also be a reduction in the country’s dependence on oil, which it used foreign currency to import, and other subsidy issues.
Ogunleye said adopting the technology was one of the best ways to improve the country’s economic development.
“It is important that we embrace the change by switching to gas,” he said.
In his remarks, NATO Area President Sani Idi-Danfulani said they supported the plan for its economic benefits.
He said, however, that the cost of the conversion was high and that they needed government support in this regard.
Also speaking, Bashir Farouq of Dangote Group of Companies, said the company has started the process and has so far converted more than 5,000 vehicles.
In addition, Greenville LNG chief executive Mr. Has Cheema said they supply gas to many parts of the country.
He said the company owns more than 300 trucks that deliver gas to different parts of the country over a period of time.
Cheema explained that the conversion would help save a lot of money for the country.

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