The Difference Between Metro and Greater Sydney Rules Explained

In the days following the onset of the most recent Covid-19 outbreak in Sydney, residents of the New South Wales capital heard the terms “Greater Sydney” and “Metropolitan Sydney” often used by locals. authorities regarding the new travel rules and limits.

While most of the restrictions announced earlier this week – including mandatory mask wear, restrictions on home visitors and the return of the 4m² rule – applied in Greater Sydney, Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said announced today that four Sydney council areas will enter a seven-day midnight lockdown completely changed that situation.

As of 11.59pm tonight, people who live in the local government areas of Woollahra, Waverley, City of Sydney and Randwick – or who have worked in any of these areas for the past two weeks – must now stay at home for the next seven days, and can only leave home for an essential reason.

Existing restrictions announced earlier this week applying to seven local government areas – Woollahra, Waverley, Randwick, City of Sydney, Canada Bay, Inner West and Bayside – have been extended until 12:01 am on Saturday, July 3.

Ms Berejiklian said she believed the new restrictions were a “proportionate response to the risk”.

“We did better than expected in terms of finding contacts and mastering all of those links, but it ensures that we haven’t missed any community transmission channels,” she told reporters.

Of course, all of this makes things a bit confusing. Depending on where you live and work, here are the restrictions you now need to adhere to.

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What is the difference between Greater Sydney and Metro Sydney?

Greater Sydney (visible in the map below) encompasses the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong, and Shellharbour Local Government Areas, as well as the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

The Sydney metropolitan area (visible in the map above) is what most people probably think of Sydney – skimming the regions of the Blue Mountains, Wollondilly, Shellharbour, Central Coast, Wollongong and Hawkesbury.

What are the rules of the Sydney Metro?

If you live in the Woollahra, Waverley, Sydney City or Randwick LGA, or have worked there in the past two weeks, you must now stay home for the next seven days and can only leave for one of the following reasons:

  • Buy food or other essential goods and services
  • Medical care or compassionate care needs
  • Exercise outdoors in groups of 10 or less
  • Essential work, or education, if you can’t work or study from home

In addition, if you live in the Woollahra, Waverley, City of Sydney or RandwickLGA or Canada Bay, Inner West orBayside, you must adhere to the following restrictions until July 2 at midnight:

  • If you live or work in one of the seven LGAs mentioned, you cannot travel outside of the Sydney metropolis for non-essential travel.
  • Household visitors, including children, are limited to five people.
  • Masks are mandatory in all non-residential indoor environments, including workplaces and at outdoor events.
  • It is forbidden to drink standing in the interior rooms.
  • Singing by the public during indoor performances or by worshipers in indoor places of worship is prohibited.
  • Dancing is not permitted in indoor venues or nightclubs, however, dancing is permitted at bridal party weddings only (no more than 20 people).
  • Dance and gym classes are limited to 20 per class (wearing a mask).
  • The one person per 4 m² rule applies in all indoor and outdoor settings, including weddings and funerals.
  • Outdoor seated events are limited to 50 percent of the seated capacity.
  • The old capacity limits for public transport, represented by green dots, have been reintroduced.

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What are the rules for Greater Sydney?

If you live or work in a Sydney LGA which is not one of the seven listed, or the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong orShellharbour, you must adhere to the restrictions mentioned above, even if you are allowed to travel beyond Metro Sydney.

“Residents of Greater Sydney should also limit unnecessary activities and avoid large gatherings in the coming days and comply with current restrictions,” said a statement from the Prime Minister.

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