Team Leader – Guyana Health Facility Assessment

About the role

Job title: Team leader/health expert

Location: Guyana

Start date: September 15, 2022

End date: December 31, 2022

LoE (#days): 75*

LOEs ​​are subject to revision by the customer.

Candidates must be residents of Guyana in order to be considered for this position.


Crown Agents is preparing to tender for Health Facility Supply Chain Assessment Consulting Services in support of the improvement of maternal and child health services of the Ministry of Health of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. The health facility supply chain assessment will require the expertise of a team leader who will provide strategic, technical and managerial oversight of the program.

Although Guyana has met its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for nutrition, child health (under five) and communicable diseases, it continues to experience high maternal and child mortality rates (under one year) among the highest. in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region. The maternal mortality rate is estimated at 121 per 100,000 live births and the infant mortality rate is estimated at 23 per 1,000 live births. Most infant deaths occur during the neonatal period (up to 28 days after birth). To manage this, the country plans to strengthen its supply chain systems that support forecasting, procurement, storage, distribution and availability of essential maternal, child and newborn health commodities. A first step to strengthening supply chain systems will be an assessment of existing supply chain mechanisms, process flows for forecasting, procurement and distribution at all levels of the supply chain. procurement and proposing steps that the Ministry of Health should take to implement an electronic logistics management information system (eLMS). ).

Position summary:

The Team Leader will be based in Guyana and will be responsible for the overall delivery of the healthcare facility supply chain assessment in Guyana. The Team Leader will oversee other key experts including the Health Supply Chain Expert, Digital Health Expert and any other non-key experts and work closely with counterparts at Crown Agents HQ in London. Reporting to the HQ Program Director, the Team Leader will be the primary liaison between Crown Agents, in-country stakeholders/partners and the client.

Main activities

The Technical Team Leader leads a team of healthcare and supply chain technical experts, providing strong technical assistance leadership and support to deliver effective results, manage risk and ensure excellent cross-functional management of internal and external stakeholders at the strategic level. The main activities to be carried out by the technical team leader are as follows:.

  • Functions as the primary single point of contact for all stakeholders and confidently reports verbal updates to all stakeholders during meetings
  • Leads technical assistance project strategy at a high level providing technical thought leadership and strong stakeholder management.
  • Ensures Technical Support strategy and deliverables are clearly defined, communicated and regularly monitored to ensure efficiency and timeliness.
  • Coordinates team inputs to deliver all stages of the program accurately and in a timely manner according to client expectations, including narrative reporting.
  • Ensures that technical and programmatic risks are identified, documented, mitigated and managed
  • Manages client and stakeholder relationships to a high professional standard according to program requirements and client needs.
  • Manages team dynamics and workflows in a professional manner, providing support to team members to pursue and achieve the whole
  • Monitors and prioritizes level of effort allocations within the team as required.

Expected deliverables

  • Documented methodological approach and work plan for the various activities according to the defined schedule.
  • Submission of the first draft assessment report on the current logistics management system and process flows from various perspectives, including health facilities, regional centers and end users, among others.
  • Submission of a formal narrative report detailing considerations for implementing an e-logistics management system, gap analysis, and recommended e-logistics management systems.
  • Submission of the costed implementation plan, operating model, stakeholder engagement plan and monitoring and evaluation strategy, including the selected electronic logistics management system, in accordance with the project schedule


Specific responsibilities of the team leader include:


  • Organizes and leads weekly report meetings with the MMU unit, prepares memoranda of each meeting, oversees the implementation of activities according to the agreed schedule and submits all products for approval, among others.
  • Sets strategy and oversees full implementation of project deliverables against contract deliverables.
  • Build and support a cohesive technical and operational team that is effective, efficient and results driven.
  • Networks and leads the team by aligning with the working methods of Crown agents.
  • Leads and drives continuous quality improvement processes as needed,
  • Where appropriate, coordinates activities with other Crown Agents programs in the country and region.
  • Works closely with the Crown Agents global health team to distill and apply lessons learned from work in Guyana across Crown Agents program portfolio.

Technical direction

  • Examines the current Logistics Management System (LMS), including but not limited to a mapping of the current process flows related to forecasting, sourcing and distributing the different product types (assuming that different products may have different process flows) in conjunction with patient health information flow
  • Performs an assessment of the current logistics management system from various perspectives, including those of health facilities, regional centers and health departments, Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, and patients/clients. To carry out this activity, the firm will conduct interviews and/or focal points with the various stakeholders.
  • Describes any limitations encountered during the review and lists recommendations – particularly regarding needed improvements in process flows and how to achieve them (e.g. participatory design of new process flows, training, supervision, etc. ).
  • In collaboration with the other technical experts, prepares a report on the aspects that the Ministry of Health should consider to implement an electronic logistics management system (eLMS), including the selection of the most appropriate electronic solution, given the Guyana context, acquiring hardware and software, establishing an implementation plan (e.g. pilots, assessments, phased approach), defining the stakeholders who should be involved in each phase of the project, etc.
  • Performs a rapid assessment of existing gaps to successfully implement an eLMIS.
  • Recommends viable options for an electronic logistics management information system (eLMIS) for the supply chain taking into account the geographic context and infrastructural capacity of Guyana.
  • Prepares a costed report on the implementation of an electronic logistics management system with clear indications of the different types of resources required. The costed implementation plan should be broken down by regions and resource requirements, i.e. fixed cost, capital cost and recurrent cost per year.
  • Recommends strategies to support the development of public/private collaboration to strengthen public health supply chain management systems for medicines and medical supplies, including procurement (e.g. centralized purchasing ).

Stakeholder coordination

  • Serves as a liaison between the MoH unit, IDB and the consulting firm team for the coordination of all activities related to this project.
  • Find synergies and collaborations with all local actors involved in the implementation.
  • Establishes and maintains an effective and trust-based relationship and dialogue with Crown Agents program contractors, Department of Health and other program stakeholders.
  • Establishes and maintains effective and trust-based relationships and dialogue with key program representatives of MOH Guyana and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
  • Represent Crown Agents to stakeholders at meetings and other forums as required.

Project management

  • Provides overall technical, programmatic and financial oversight of the program.
  • Prepares and coordinates technical assistance missions to ensure the quality of their work.
  • Ensures adherence to work plans and successful implementation of activities listed in the Terms of Reference.
  • Contributes to the preparation of periodic reports and final reports of the consultancy; as well as reports detailing the systematization of experiences.
  • Provides strategic program management, including oversight of all deliverables and planning activities, as well as subsequent implementation strategies, to ensure activities are implemented on time to achieve results expected.
  • Work closely with program management and technical advisory teams within Crown Agent HQ to ensure program deliverables are implemented in accordance with MOH Guyana and Inter-American Bank standards and regulations development (IDB).
  • Ensures the visibility of the program in accordance with the communication strategy agreed with the contract coordinator(s).

Person specification:

To be successful in this role, you will need to:

  • Master’s degree (or higher) in medicine, health administration, public health, health economics, or related or equivalent field is required.
  • 10 years of experience leading a public health and/or quality of care program
  • At least 3-5 years of professional experience in supply chain management.
  • Knowledge of the political reality in Guyana and in the LAC region, particularly in the administrative organization of the public sector. Experience in Latin America and/or the Caribbean would be a plus.
  • At least 5 years of experience in one of these areas: capacity building, project management, strategic planning or health systems strengthening.
  • Excellent stakeholder management skills.
  • Excellent technical report writing skills.
  • Flexibility and adaptability.


  • Field experience strongly desired.

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