Taruga launches auger program in copper and rare earth hunting

Taruga Minerals has launched an auger drilling campaign at its wholly-owned Mt Craig copper project in South Africa, just weeks after receiving $650,000 in exploration funding from the state government. The work will be accompanied by high-resolution ground magnetic surveys, geophysical modeling and mapping that will focus on previously undrilled targets prior to the company’s planned RC drilling program at the site.

Taruga says further exploration will highlight geochemical profiles through recently identified clay-hosted rare earths, in addition to shallow copper targets between 2m and 20m depth.

The auger can drill down to approximately 14m to obtain indicators of a rare earth deposit and hidden copper mineralization that cannot be seen from the surface.

We applied our own concepts and new data to build these new targets and prioritize them. The auger results will help guide RC drilling due to begin in July, during which we will test more targets than ever before at Mount Craig.

The company received a major financial boost for its exploration plans at Mt Craig this month with a $650,000 grant from the South African government’s Accelerated Discovery Initiative which aims to accelerate new discoveries from minerals for key commodities in regional regions of the state.

The company was awarded two separate grants of $325,000 to explore for copper and rare earth elements at mining.

Planned exploration on the project includes the Wyacca deposit where the company discovered high-grade sediment-hosted copper during its first drilling campaign of 2021, in addition to Birthday Ridge where copper mineralization was discovered from of the surface through historical exploration.

It has been a busy month for Taruga. Last week, it signed an agreement with the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association, or “ATLA,” to conduct heritage surveys on priority targets for the company’s SA projects.

The agreement includes Taruga’s Flinders, Torrens and Mt Craig projects in addition to exploration licenses currently under review by the South African government.

Taruga says the agreement is an important step in terms of access to land in its SA buildings. ATLA is responsible for administering the indigenous land rights and heritage interests of the Adnyamathanha people, who are the primary traditional owners of the Taruga SA projects.

ATLA is currently under special administration and is unable to execute a Native Title Mining Agreement, or “NTMA” during this time.

However, Taruga says he is optimistic that the administration of the association will soon allow an NTMA to be carried out for the benefit of the Adnyamathanha people and the company.

The Flinders, Torrens and Mt Craig projects lie within a major regional-scale folded structure called the Adelaide Geosyncline.

The Adelaide Geosyncline is comparable to the Katangese Orogen which hosts a number of Central African Copperbelt deposits. The company says its South Australia prospect is known to host a similar style of mineralization.

The three projects also lie at the intersection of two major structural corridors, one of which hosts BHP’s world-class Olympic Dam deposits and Oz Minerals’ massive Prominent Hill and Carrapateena copper-gold deposits.

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