Student Loan Repayment Program for Institutional Veterinarians – Revision 1


This directive provides instructions for the Student Loan Repayment Program (PRLT). This program is intended for current GS-12 Factory Veterinarians (VMOs) / Public Health Vets (PHVs), hereinafter referred to as VMOs. FSIS is reissuing this guideline to provide additional guidance regarding HOV and Agency responsibilities and payment information for HOVs participating in the Civil Service Loan forgiveness program. This directive is complementary to FSIS directive 4537.1 Revision 2, Student loan repayment Program, and Departmental Regulations (DR) DR 4050-537, Student loan repayment.


FSIS Directive 4410.5, SStudent loan repayment program for institutional veterinarians, 9/4/20.


Factory HOVs have unique qualifications and perform a function essential to the Agency’s mission. FSIS uses SLRP to retain these mission-critical employees by offsetting a portion of the training costs to obtain the necessary qualifications. A factory HOV may be eligible for a student loan repayment if FSIS can demonstrate that in the absence of the granting of loan repayment benefits, the employee would be likely to leave FSIS for employment outside of the workplace. federal service. SLRP is discretionary and depends on available funds. The Agency will pay up to $ 10,000 per qualified employee, per calendar year, for a maximum of three years ($ 30,000 in total) in loan repayment. The program requires the employee to sign a three-year service agreement. The Agency will announce the application period annually via a FSIS notice, the Wednesday information line and emails to HOVs. Employees will be selected for the program on a case-by-case basis.


A. HOVs meeting the following criteria are eligible to receive consideration for student loan repayments:

  1. HOVs who are permanent employees, GS-12, in the plant and who have had a career-conditional appointment or a career appointment for at least one year;
  2. HOV in good standing (i.e. assessed to be fully successful and with no disciplinary action pending or occurring within the past three years); Where
  3. All remaining factory permanent GS-13 HOVs in good standing.

B. HOVs with overdue loans are not eligible.

REMARK: The establishment includes HOVs in a relief position and HOVs assigned to patrol missions or single establishment missions.

C. A student loan is repayable if it is:

  1. Manufactured, insured or guaranteed under the Higher Education Act of 1965, Title IV, Parts B, D or E; in particular, federal loans for family education, the William D. Ford direct loan program or the federal Perkins loan program;
  2. A health education assistance loan made or insured under the Federal Family Education Loans, the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program, or the Federal Perkins Loan Program; Where
  3. Loans made or insured under the Public Health Service Act (LDS, PCL, NSL, HPSL, HEAL).

REMARK: The loan holder must be the SLRP applicant and the loan must have been used for the specific education of the SLRP applicant.


A. During the advertised application period (advertised in FSIS notices), HOVs must complete FSIS forms 4410-27, Student Loan Repayment (SLRP) for Current Residential HOV Application and 4410-28, SLRP loan information and submit these forms and supporting loan. documents to: [email protected]

B. HOVs should notify their immediate supervisor of their intention to apply for this program so that the supervisor can submit a recommendation as outlined in Section VI. HOVs should follow up with their supervisor to ensure all forms are submitted during the application period.

C. If selected, HOVs will receive an AD-1152, Service agreement for a student loan receipt. HOVs must complete and sign the form before loan payments are made. HOVs should submit the signed form to: [email protected]

D. HOVs must make loan payments on any portion of the remaining loans that USDA does not pay. Government payments do not relieve employees of this responsibility or of their loan obligation.

E. HOVs must pay all tax obligations resulting from the loan repayment benefit.


A. The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (BCFO) will determine the maximum number of loan repayments that will be authorized during a fiscal year based on budgetary resources.

B. To recommend the granting of a student loan repayment, the front line supervisor (FLS) must complete form AD 1151, Student loan repayment referred to in Appendix A of DR 4050-537, Student loan repayment , and sign the application as a referral official. The FLS must submit the signed form to the District Director (DM) or their designate for approval and submission. The FLS must complete this form in a timely manner to ensure that the documents are received during the application period.

C. The DM or designate will submit the form to [email protected] Email submission will be considered consistent with the FLS recommendation; no additional signature is required from the DM or designated person.

D. The completed AD 1151 must be received from the DM or designate during the application period.

E. Complete application files will be reviewed by a panel composed of headquarters staff within the Office of Field Operations (OFO). OFO will make selections and notify all applicants of the status of their application approximately two (2) weeks after the close of the application period.

F. A person designated by OFO will provide an AD-1152, Service Agreement for Receiving Student Loans to selected HOVs.


A. As noted in Section VB, employees must sign a service agreement that recognizes their commitment to complete a three-year period of service with OFO. A service contract does not constitute a right, promise or entitlement to continued employment or non-competitive conversion to competitive service.

B. The minimum employment period established under a service contract is three years, regardless of the amount of loan repayment.

C. If the employee fails to fulfill the service contract because he or she has separated from FSIS voluntarily or involuntarily due to misconduct or poor performance, the total loan amount paid by the Agency will be recovered in accordance with USDA regulations governing indebted government compensation. employees or by provisions governing debt collection if the person leaves federal service.


A. Student loan payments are:

  1. Discretionary and subject to the conditions of the written service agreement between the Agency and the employee;
  2. Applied to the outstanding debt at the time the Agency and the employee enter into the agreement;
  3. Disbursed once per calendar year; and
  4. Carried out by the National Finance Center or OCFO directly to the loan holder.

B. When paying, withholding taxes are deducted or applied.

C. More than one loan can be repaid as long as the loan repayments do not exceed the annual limit of $ 10,000.

D. Payments for HOVs selected for this program who also participate in the Ministry of Education’s Civil Service Loan Cancellation Program will be made to the loan holder as a one-time lump sum payment. The Department of Education has agreed to apply funds to eligible monthly payments from the time funds are received until all funds are depleted to a maximum of twelve (12) eligible payments; any remaining balance will be applied to the principal. Employees are responsible for paying balances not covered by disbursed funds.


A. The employee is required to reimburse the Agency if the employee:

  1. Separates involuntarily for misconduct or for performance reasons before entering into the service contract. If the employee is involuntarily terminated for reasons other than misconduct or performance (eg, downsizing, downsizing), reimbursement is not required; Where
  2. Separates voluntarily before entering into the service contract. This includes resignations from federal service, voluntary retirements, or transfers to other federal agencies.

B. The minimum employment period established under a service contract is three years, regardless of the amount of loan repayment. For example, if an employee’s agreement states that they will receive $ 10,000 per year for three years and the employee leaves FSIS with six months remaining on the service agreement after receiving $ 30,000 in benefits loan repayment, the employee is required to repay the agency for the full $ 30,000.

C. The employee will not be required to reimburse the Agency if he accepts another position within FSIS not eligible for reimbursement of the student loan; however, the employee will forfeit any remaining payments that have not been made.


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