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The Iowa State University Student Government Senate takes a write-in vote at the weekly meeting on Nov. 3.

The Iowa State Student Government will seek to add two positions to the budget for fiscal year 2023.

The two positions would be a Registrar of Rules and a Registrar of the Court. These changes would be made in the hope of increasing the efficiency and quality of the minutes.

The student government will also seek to pass legislation allowing for effective pathways to Senate involvement. This would allow new senators to sit for certain seats when some are unable to serve, with the primary purpose of encouraging future students to join the Senate.

The Senate will also discuss new operating rules. This bill seeks to incorporate the internal operating procedures of the legislature into general law for all of student government.

A new senator from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will also seek Senate confirmation. Due to a vacancy at present, Mansi Mhaskar, a freshman computer science student, has been nominated by the LAS Council for the seat.

The student government will also be busy involving senators on three different committees within the institution.

The Public Relations Committee has two vacancies. Madeline Becker, a sophomore in economics, and Jamie Hoss, a graduate in communications, are the two senators in the running.

Two positions are also vacant on the Student Initiatives Committee. The Senate will seek to confirm software engineering junior Max Kueller and computer engineering senior José Carlos García to the committee.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee has an open seat. Political science senior Alex Finaldi was nominated by Director of Diversity and Inclusion Alyannah Buhman for the position.

Student government will also consider three different funding bills. The Rodeo Club is asking for funds to organize its annual student racing event. The Ski and Snowboarding Club is also requesting funding for its regional tournament in Marquette, Michigan.

Finally, the Senate will discuss a bill to fund Destination Iowa State Meals. This organization provides meals for freshmen, transfer students, and off-campus students at Iowa State.

The Student Government Senate meets at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Campanile Hall of the Memorial Union.

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