Stakeholders honored for keeping the city clean

Many winners were honored at the Community Environmental Awards held at Southdale Pikitup Depot on October 1.

Pikitup, the city of Johannesburg’s waste management company, awarded and recognized individuals, businesses, schools, cooperatives and environmental forums on this day.

Selinah Tshabalala, Acting General Manager of Operations at Pikitup.

These interested parties have made a huge contribution to diverting waste from its landfills through the Community Environmental Awards initiative.

According to Pikitup spokesperson Muzi Mkhwanazi, the prestigious occasion was held to recognize and encourage sustainable environmental partnerships.

Tshepiso Seabelo of the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries.

“The Community Environmental Awards Ceremony is a Pikitup initiative aligned with the strategic goal of creating lasting partnerships. This is to ensure that the city of Johannesburg achieves the vision of being recognized as the cleanest city on the continent and of being among the cleanest cities in the world, ”he said.

Laureates came for the prestigious occasion.

The awards ceremony would be the seventh of its kind, recognizing these individuals and entities over the years for their contributions.

During his remarks, the general manager of Pikitup Bukelwa Njingolo stressed that communities should recycle, reuse and reduce.

Pikitup General Manager Bukelwa Njingolo addressing the participants.

“The cleanliness of the city of Johannesburg is not only a responsibility of Pikitup or this collective but a responsibility for all of us. It is a collective effort. Right now we are facing a landfill space shortage crisis. Last year our reports indicated that we had four and a half years of space left, ”she said.

The day’s program director, Charlene Louw, facilitated the occasion.

Fellow Andy Balaram of the University of Johannesburg said: “On behalf of the university, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Pikitup for thanking the volunteers for this prestigious event. Our partnership is growing and I pray that it grows more and more. “

Telana Simpson and Managing Director of Pikitup Bukelwa Njingolo.
Some of the laureates who were recognized that day for their contribution.
The winners of Phambili Services receive their prize.
Laureate Andy Balaram receives award from MD Bukelwa Njingolo.
Fellow Andy Balaram of the University of Johannesburg expressed his gratitude.
Carmen Jordaan, Bukelwa Njingolo from Pikitup and Danie Jordaan from Whole Earth Recyling.
Members of the Windsor Community Cleaning Association who were honored that day.
Joseph Dube with the Managing Director of Pikitup Bukelwa Njingolo.

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