PURC begins stakeholder engagement in Tamale on installation of new split smart meters

The Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC0) has initiated contacts with key stakeholders in Metropolitan Tamale to ensure smooth installation of the split smart meters by the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo).

Residents of Tamale, especially Koblimahagu, are currently resisting the installation of these meters, resulting in clashes and in some cases assaults on staff.

But according to PURC’s head of corporate communications, Ali Simon Jarana, the commission had instituted the Tamale project which, among other things, is to help NEDCo.

PURC responded in a timely manner by instituting a project known as Developing a Clear Roadmap for Stakeholder Engagement, conducting intensive public education on the new meters and supporting their mobilization campaign revenue to reduce technical and commercial losses.

The PURC team identified two major elements during its engagements with key stakeholders in the metropolis of Tamale.

They include the lack of stakeholder engagement prior to NEDCo’s attempts to install these meters and the lack of education on these new split smart meters, hence resistance from residents.

“So far we have worked with a cross section of the media, Ahmadiya Muslim Mission Leadership, Ambariya Sunna Community, Mahaloya Muslim Community, Nuriya Islamic Institute, Leadership, Loss Control Team and the leadership of the NEDCo staff union,” Ali says Simon Jarana.

“This intervention seems to us to be crucial and timely,” added Mr. Jarana.

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