Presidency 2023: Anyim meets with stakeholders of the Southeast PDP in Enugu Thursday

•Senator Anyim Pius Anyim

Former Senate Speaker Anyim Pius Anyim is stepping up efforts to secure buy-in from stakeholders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in its aspiration to fly the party flag in the 2023 presidential election.

The former secretary of the government of the federation (SGF) declared his intention to run for the presidential ticket of the party during the national convention of the PDP in Abuja on Saturday, October 30.

Anyim, who made the statement in a conversation with reporters, said he would run for president in 2023 whether the PDP moved the area to the southeast or not.

The former Senate speaker, who said the national convention marked the start of political activities within the party, added that now is the time to show interest.

“We currently have less than 18 months until the next election and I think the time has come to express my interest.”

Since then, Anyim has traveled across the country, meeting with stakeholders.

In pursuit of his quest, he will meet with leaders of the Southeastern PDP in Enugu on Thursday to officially inform them of his aspiration.

The meeting is scheduled at Best Western Plus, Independence Layout, Enugu.

In the letter inviting the PDP zone chiefs to the meeting, Anyim said the aim was to brief them on his efforts so far and to exchange ideas on strategies.

Entitled “Invitation to Zonal Briefing on Recent Political Developments,” the invitation he personally signed reads: “The Igbo nation has long sought full reintegration into Nigeria. By the grace of God, through our collective and individual hard work; and the goodwill of other Nigerians, we have established ourselves widely in all parts of the country.

“We are also making a significant contribution to the development of virtually every other community in Nigeria. Nonetheless, it is commonly believed that our reintegration and sense of belonging to Nigeria will remain incomplete until we, like other Nigerians, are entrusted with the responsibility and challenges of leading the country.

“In October of this year, I declared my interest in running for president in 2023 under the auspices of the People’s Democratic Party. I have since started consulting with various leaders and interests within the party and across the country.

“I now consider it appropriate to inform you of my efforts so far, and for us to exchange ideas on the strategies we should deploy as we continue to persuade the rest of the country to agree with us. “

Since declaring his interest, Anyim has consulted with former military leaders, Generals Ibrahim Babangida and Abdulsalami Abubakar, who have spoken positively of his excellent leadership qualities.

Various groups across the country, including Arewa Concerned Civil Society Organizations of Nigeria (ACCSON), a coalition of more than 30 northern civil society organizations and youth groups, also endorsed his ambition.

Last week, former Senate Speaker Chief Adolphus Wabara and some political leaders in the Southeast also expressed their unwavering support for his presidential ambition.

On December 16, Emir de Lafia, a retired Supreme Court justice, the Honorable Sidi Bage, recommended Anyim as a man capable of solving Nigeria’s problems.

Judge Bage, who spoke at the awards and honors symposium organized by The Nigerian News to mark the media company’s 5th anniversary, said that after listening to the speech by the former Senate Speaker at the from an award ceremony in Lagos recently, there was no doubt that Anyim understood Nigeria’s problems and was able to solve them.

The revered monarch described Anyim as a Nostradamus who saw and understood where Nigeria should be in the future.

“He knows what Nigeria should be today and tomorrow. Let all Nigerians read this speech.

“He (Anyim) made me believe that we still have leaders in whose hands we can turn Nigeria,” he said.

In an exclusive interview with TheNiche in November, Anyim said his presidential aspiration had been accepted across Nigeria.

“I have decided to run in the 2023 presidential election because I am a Nigerian politician who has been in government and understands what the problems are and can therefore find solutions to them. I am also this Nigerian politician who is at home in all parts of the country – north, east, west and south, ”he said.

“I aspire to be President of Nigeria because I believe that through my experience, what I know about Nigeria, my very in-depth knowledge of the country, I will be able to lead an inclusive government that will build consensus, restore peace, refocus Nigeria and make the country a place we can all be proud of.

“So I believe the challenges today are actually about leadership and I will provide that leadership. I will give comfort to every segment of this country. I will provide leadership that understands how to use our diversity to make it an asset.

“I think managing our diversity is actually critical to the success of the country and I have interacted with various segments of the country. I have been involved in running a government that has touched all regions of the country and I know the needs of our various groups and I know how to put them in place and put in place a policy that will build the Nigeria of our dreams.

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