Nuclear power plant’s Hajia Fati reveals galamsey security contract with government

Hajia Fati is a vocal member of NPP

Leading NPP member says she has had a Galamsey-related contract since 2018

Hajia Fati at a press conference denied that his security guards had been arrested

She also vouches for the incorruptibility of President Akufo-Addo

Hajia Fati, a member of the ruling New Patriotic Party, NPP, revealed that she has had a security contract with the government since 2018.

She told reporters on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 that the contract was specifically with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources regarding the recovery of excavators from illegal small-scale (galamsey) mining sites in parts of the country.

Speaking through a spokesperson, Hajia Fati also dismissed recent reports that some of his security officers had been arrested due to collusion deals with excavators.

She asked the media houses that published the article under the headline: “STOP THE PRESS!” Hajia Fati security details arrested for an excavator deal ‘to remove the post within 24 hours.

She accused senior security officials in the West and North West regions of initiating the publication intended to “damage, destroy, ruin Hajia Fati’s hard-earned reputation for their interests. selfish, ”reports the Daily Graphic, a state-owned company.

She also explained how she mounted a defense for the president when allegations that he stole excavators gained traction. She said that since 2018, in her area of ​​operation, no excavator has been set on fire.

“When they started to say that Nana Addo (President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo) had stolen excavators, no one was able to come out and defend the old man, so I took it upon myself to defend him,” Hajia said. Fati.

“He is not a thief and he does not steal, the excavators are there, so we went to look for them. I found some and some are still there. During our time no excavator was burned.”

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