Nikira John-Durham appointed Director of Corporate Communications at FortisTCI

NOTikira John-Durham has been appointed Director of Corporate Communications, Brand Development and Marketing at Fortis TCI.

In her new role, Nikira is responsible for outreach activities in all service territories. She is expected to develop and deliver a communications plan that leads to a long-term build encompassing public relations, social media, stakeholder relations, community engagement and content strategy.

She will also provide high-level support and in some cases lead the development and implementation of strategic issues including annual budgeting, staffing, training, plans related to multi-stakeholder corporate communications and to crisis communications.

Commenting on this appointment, Ruth Forbes, President and CEO of FortisTCI, said: “This appointment demonstrates our commitment to community outreach, internal and external stakeholder engagement. The energy sector at local, regional and global levels is undergoing a major shift towards more sustainable sources of energy. stakeholders and our customers’ awareness of our renewable energy programs are important to this transition. I have no doubts that Nikira will help broaden our communications framework alongside our superb current team members as we pursue a low carbon energy future for the benefit of the environment and our community.

John-Durham, a native of Turks and Caicos with over ten years of experience in the communications industry, said, “FortisTCI has a vibrant corporate communications culture. I am honored to work for a forward-thinking company, committed to innovation and excellence. I look forward to working in this capacity and deploying strategies that will support the strategic goals of the company, strengthen the engagement of all stakeholders and generally increase our footprint in the community. “

Her career began in broadcast journalism where she worked as a senior presenter for several years. She pivoted to the local healthcare industry in 2016 as Director of Public Relations and Marketing for InterHealth Canada TCI Ltd and was subsequently promoted to the company’s management team with an expanded portfolio.

She designed and implemented several corporate communication plans with comprehensive strategies that generated positive relationships with stakeholders, strong brand positioning and community outreach.

Nikira has also served as a critical resource on several healthcare management projects including, but not limited to, service design, medical referral management, and international accreditation assessments. She is very passionate, masters various multimedia specialties and has strong skills in strategic planning, critical thinking and leadership.

She holds a Master of Science in Business with Marketing (Distinction) from the University of Essex and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Media and Journalism (with Distinction) from the University of Buckingham, England.

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