New World Tourism Network Vice President for Government Relations

World Tourism Network, home of rebuilding travel, understands the importance of the public and private sectors coordinating and communicating.

Tourism is an industry of international understanding and peace, two important factors especially today.

Several Ministers and former Ministers of Tourism are already part of this growing global travel and tourism network.

The Global Tourism Network is not a traditional membership organization, but a global think tank with a regional and local approach to associates.

Since the pandemic attacked the global travel and tourism industry, the Global Tourism Network has established itself as the premier and new voice for small and medium travel businesses or independent entrepreneurs.

The objective of the Global Tourism Network is to generate income for its associates. Demonstrating resilience in the face of the ongoing pandemic, emphasizing safety, security and visibility is what the Global Tourism Network is known for.

Today, the Global Tourism Network named Alain St. Ange as Senior Vice President for Government Relations (Public Sector).

Mr. St. Ange is a well-known global personality and leader with extensive regional and global experience. He has worked in both the private and public domains. Mr. St.Ange is from the Republic of Seychelles, an African island nation dependent on tourism in the Indian Ocean.

After successfully running a luxury resort in the Seychelles, Mr. St. Ange became the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board before the President of Seychelles appointed him Prime Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine in this country.

He put the Seychelles on the map. His original decision to invite international carnivals to his island was a huge success.

Saint Ange often said: “Seychelles are friends of all and enemies of no one. Prior to the pandemic, Seychelles abolished all visa requirements for nations.

Mr. St. Ange was running for president for his island nation. He was also a candidate for the post of Secretary General of the UNWTO. He is currently Secretary General of FORSEAA, an ASEAN trade organization. He recently resigned from the African Tourism Board as president.

Juergen Steinmetz, Founder and Chairman of WTN said:

“We are proud and we are lucky that Mr. St.Ange takes care of our awareness, cooperation with the public sector. Mr. St. Ange not only has the experience, but the personality to take the Global Tourism Network to the next level.

I remember when the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Seychelles told me that in his country, the Minister of Tourism is the most important member of the Cabinet.

Juergen Steinmetz & Alain St. Ange at the IIPT reception in Lusaka, Zambia

M.St. Angel said:

“I am grateful and even honored to be called to be the Senior Vice President for Public Affairs of the Global Tourism Network. This is tourism, an industry that only succeeds when you work at it with your heart and you stay passionate about everything you do for the industry.
I am proud to have been co-founder and Chairman of the African Tourism Board (ATB) and I look forward to making the Global Tourism Network (WTN) the partner organization of the private and public sectors that we have so much need today.

There is significant common ground between government as legislators and the frontline team of industry, serving the all-important private sector.

It is very clear from the discussions that my role will focus on the importance of working with the public sector around the world to provide the supporting arm for private sector trade.

After recently resigning from the African Tourism Board, St. Ange co-founded in 2018 with Juergen Steinmetz, Dr. Peter Tarlow, WTN President, and Dr. Taleb Rifai, former UNWTO Secretary-General, this new assignment at WTN already has a Saint-Ange foundation in place for many years.

The African Tourist Office listening to the European Union

Yesterday, the World Tourism Network appointed Dr Walter Mzembi as Chairman of WTN Africa. Mzembi along with Steinmetz, St. Ange is also an executive member of the African Tourism Board.

Further nominations for Global Tourism Network Regional Chairs are forthcoming. With Saint-Ange, such regional initiatives should come together and become global opportunities for public-private partnerships.

Saint-Ange’s wish list for 2022 was announced in his New Year’s speech.

Founded in March 2020 in Berlin, Germany, the Global Tourism Network has grown into an organization of over 1000 associates in 128 countries.

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