New summer travel cheat sheet to help US travelers buy cheap flights

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Have you been looking for the best flight prices for your summer vacation? US online travel giant Expedia analyzed recent data on its web search and found that US travelers were planning their summer vacations even before spring break and Easter break.

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According to information shared by Expedia in a press release, there has been a recent spike in interest in these top destinations for the months of June, July and August:

  • Singapore: searches increased by 60%
  • Houston: searches increased by 55%
  • Bali: searches increased by 35%
  • Washington D.C.: searches increased by 35%

The results show that travelers are equally interested in nearby places as well as more exotic places. Considering that there is a high demand for travel this year, Expedia has published a cheat sheet with advice and relevant data to help travelers get the cheapest fares and get the most out of their summer vacation. summer.

Christie Hudson, Senior Public Relations Manager for Expedia, said: “People are ready to make their summer vacations happen no matter what.” The official also added: “With the easing of many travel restrictions over the past month, travelers have been inspired to dust off their to-do lists and start planning. Prices are already reflecting this pent-up demand, so timing will be key to getting the best deal. »

The travel agency released the most popular destinations for summer 2022, the best times to travel to get cheaper prices, a list of places tourists can visit for less than $350 round trip and valuable advice for booking.

Trending destinations for summer 2022

Based on peak flight searches, Expedia has divided summer hotspots into three categories:

Best times to travel and destinations under $350

Expedia also analyzed prices for the summer season and shared some findings. the the cheapest month to fly is augustwith ticket prices down nearly 10% from June and July.

Those looking for cheap tickets can avoid 1st of Julysince the travel agency revealed that it was the most expensive day to fly, before the holidays of July 4th. Prices are 25% higher than the average for the summer months during these days.

Regarding destinations with round-trip tickets under $350, Expedia shared a list of interests. The main destinations that travelers can visit for less than this amount in the United States and Canada are Fort Lauderdale, Toronto, Tampa, San, Antonio, Houston, Austin, Providence, Myrtle Beach, Kelowna, Nashville, New Orleans and Charleston.

Booking tips

One of the top recommendations the travel brand gives to customers is: “Book early and book smart.” This advice may seem simple, but given many factors – personal and even pandemic-related (it’s hard to predict with so many changes in travel restrictions) – travelers are waiting to book their next plane tickets and will likely pay more.

Expedia recommends that its users apply “free cancellation” filters when searching and avoid purchasing reduced fares or restrictive basic economy tickets. The travel company also encourages travelers to consider flexible dates, choose weekdays over weekends and avoid holidays to save more money.

Booking flights, hotels and car rentals – bundled promotions – can also save a few dollars, while considering memberships and loyalty programs.

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