Miss Botswana 2021 season officially launched


July 30, 2021

Miss Botswana 2021 season officially launched

This year is the 54th year of the Miss Botswana pageant, and it’s back to better.

We are optimistic and carefully nurture its growth and rise in the global rankings. This year, in our quest to restore Miss Botswana‘s virtue, we’re bringing a fierce demeanor to fine-tune the way we score, campaign, judge, polish and run the 54th Miss Botswana.

In the wake of a massive overhaul and rebranding as well as the global circumstances imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, organizers this year have taken a courageous virtual approach to setting the code and showing Botswana what ‘new normal’ looks like. We plan to do this by broadcasting all of the proceedings of the competition through a 13-episode Reality Lifestyle TV series, supported by a digital campaign that will take audiences on a fantastic and inspiring journey.

Our vision is to create content based on the history of the Botswana brand. Using our world class production team, we will tell her unique story of perseverance through Miss Botswana’s never-before-seen process from start to finish.

Miss Botswana will be crowned in October 2021, after a careful selection process, rigorous training and impeccable judgment from this August. The registration process will be conducted extensively online and is open to all qualified young women.

This year’s theme is #UnEarthingANewJewel – now is the time for Botswana to look beyond minerals as a form of its identity. Now is the time to embrace and develop new industries to sustain themselves. The new Miss Botswana will represent this new currency, and will be the face of a new future.

We promise the most exciting and unique competition, which will not only feature the competitors, but also showcase a wide range of Botswana-bred brands and talented individuals, and also give Batswana a unique opportunity to engage. in the pageant process like never before.

We invite you to join us and support us on this exciting new journey.


A candidate for Miss Botswana 2021 must be at least 18 and under 25. This means that a candidate can be 26 in the year of her reign (from November 2021).

The minimum height required is 1.67 m

She must be a citizen of Motswana and in possession of a valid OMANG or Botswanan passport.

The candidate must speak both Setswana and English.

The applicant must never have been married (civil or customary), nor have an annulled marriage.

The applicant cannot be pregnant, have given birth or be the parent of a child and not be the legal guardian of a minor.

Holders of the Miss Botswana title are required to remain single throughout their reign. It is accepted that even though a candidate may be in a committed or engaged relationship, they must adhere to the no-marry rule during the Miss Botswana pre-competition process and during the reign year.

No holder of the title Miss Botswana can reinstate. However, a candidate may re-register if she was a semi-finalist or finalist.

The candidate must have no criminal record and be honest in all matters relating to the preparation of the competition, the competition itself and the period following the competition.

The applicant must not have visible tattoos.

In the event that false or misleading information of any kind is submitted by the nominee, the management of Miss Botswana may, in its sole discretion, take any action it deems appropriate, including, without limitation , disqualification from participation in the Miss Botswana contest, and / or end of reign as holder or as Miss Botswana 2021.

Finalists may be required to attend events and workshops and / or approve certain products as required by Miss Botswana management. The finalists will also not be allowed to participate in any other competition which may coincide with the timeline of the pre-competition and the Miss Botswana competition.

If you are selected as a candidate for Miss Botswana 2021, you will need to ensure your availability for judging and training throughout the competitive process, from acceptance through to the grand final.

The winner of the Miss Botswana 2021 contest will be under contract with the Miss Botswana organization as an employee for her entire year of reign. After her reign ends, she will need to assist with mentoring and court appearances if needed.

The participants who place in the Top 3 of the competition will all be under contract with the Botswana Council Of Women for the year following the pageant.

No direct family members of the Botswana Women’s Council, Development Advance Institute or related companies associated with Miss Botswana Pageant will be allowed entry.


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