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Killer T talks about Botswana’s no-show

By-Zimdancehall musician Killer T has apologized to his fans for not traveling to Botswana for a scheduled show last Saturday despite prepaying US$2,000 for the show.

In a Facebook post, the Zimdancehall chanted that he was unable to travel to Botswana for the show due to circumstances beyond his control, but vowed “it won’t happen again”.

Below is his statement:

We would like to reassure our fans in Zimbabwe and outside Zimbabwe that we are 100% committed to fulfilling shows. We owe it to you, our fans.

We’re grateful for your support over the years and can’t thank our fans enough for all the support you’ve given us since we started this journey a few years ago.

To that end, we would like to unreservedly apologize to our Botswana fans for not participating in the Botswana show due to circumstances beyond our control.

For this we apologize and emphasize that it was never our intention to leave you our fans disappointed. makatikoshira (we appreciate you).

We know that the support and love you have for Killer T will help us through this experience that we regret.

Better and happy days are ahead and we will sing together at our upcoming shows as always. We owe you.

We will do what is within our power to ensure that we reach a mutual resolution to the issue in question.

To our fans in Zimbabwe, Killer T is indebted for all the support you gave us during the Inzwai Kuchemawo Mambo album tours which saw us play in most parts of the country.

The love you have shown us has amazed us and we owe you even more happy times together at our shows and concerts – you can count on us.

To our fans outside of Zimbabwe, both Zimbabweans and those from other countries, we want to assure you that we will take every step within our control to be at all of our confirmed shows.

We won’t let you down and we’ll do everything we can to deliver energetic performances. We are here for you and we understand all the disappointment. This will not happen again.

Once again as Killer T, management and Hot Property, we apologize to our fans in Botswana for this mishap and want to reassure you that we will do everything possible not to disappoint you again.

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