June Internationals 2022 | Which Reds have been called up?


Both Eric Bailly and Hannibal have been called up to represent their respective nations in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

For Bailly, Côte d’Ivoire hosts Zambia at home, before going to Lesotho in Group H. Côte d’Ivoire will organize the next tournament in 2023, so they have already confirmed their place but will still play in the qualifying matches.

In Group J, Hannibal’s Tunisia will face Equatorial Guinea and Botswana in the first round of qualifying for the next African Cup of Nations.


Tunisia will also face Kirin Cup matches during the next international break. The Kirin Cup is a competition between four teams organized by the Japanese brewery Kirin.

This year, Japan, Tunisia, Chile and Ghana are the four participating teams. On Friday June 10, Tunisia faces Chile in the semi-finals in the Japanese city of Kobe.

The winners of each semi-final will face off, while the losers will have a third-place play-off to determine the final standings. Tunisia will therefore face either Japan or Ghana after Chile, depending on the result of the two semi-finals.

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