Jamshedpur MP Saryu Roy sends new counterfeit evidence in t-shirt scam

Jamshedpur, March 5: Jamshedpur East MLA personal assistant Saryu Roy provided further evidence of t-shirt tampering during the Jharkhand Foundation celebration in 2016 during Raghubar Das’ tenure as Chief Minister of the DGP Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB ).
In a letter supposedly sent from Ludhiana for the State’s Founding Day celebration in 2016, the personal assistant states that, “Regarding the provision of t-shirts, the Additional Commissioner of Taxes of Punjab Government State sent details of supply to Secretary-cum-Commissioner, Jharkhand Trade Tax Department and payment received by Kudu Fabrics from Ludhiana There is huge difference in details sent to Deputy Commissioner of Ranchi to do so.The State Tax Commissioner of the Punjab Government, in the details sent to the Secretary-Commissioner of the Government of Jharkhand, states that Kudu Fabrics transported five consignments of t-shirts by road and six consignments ( attached) by rail to Dhanbad and Ranchi respectively.
The letter to DGP ACB further indicates that, on the other hand, according to the details sent by Kudu Fabrics to the Deputy Commissioner of Ranchi for receipt of payment, the shipment of T-shirts was sent from Ludhiana to Ranchi by a total of 13 invoices. , of which only two invoices must be transported by a carrier named Mahadev Logistics. The remaining invoices mention that the consignment of T-shirts was sent from Ludhiana to Ranchi by autorickshaw. Carriage by Mahadev Logistics is mentioned in both statements, but Supreme Freight Carriers’ letter is not mentioned in the invoices sent by Kudu Fabrics to Ranchi’s Deputy Commissioner. Instead of transporting by autorickshaw, it is mentioned that the autorickshaw is mentioned instead of the carrier.

According to the details sent by the Punjab government to the Jharkhand government, a total of Rs 3 crore 56 lakh 5 thousand 824 T-shirts were sent, out of which payment of central tax was deducted from them. But according to details sent by Kudu Fabrics directly to Deputy Commissioner Ranchi, payment was taken instead of sending T-shirts worth Rs 4.65 crore. It is clear that there is a huge difference between the two descriptions of the batches of T-shirts coming from Ludhiana to Ranchi.
“Payment was made from Deputy Commissioner Ranchi’s office without reviewing it. Since then, the Anti-Corruption Bureau has been investigating orders from the state government. I am sending the information,” reads the letter from Pratik Sharma, personal assistant to Jamshedpur East MP Saryu Roy.

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