Everything You Need To Know About IPL’s In-Season Player Loan Program

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An overview of the adjustments that have been made to the IPL Season Loan program this season

Over the last two editions – 2018 and 19 – the IPL has gradually introduced the in-season player loan program. In 2018, a 5-day window was open mid-season where only uncapped players could be loaned. A year later, the IPL allowed franchises to borrow capped players. This season, the IPL slightly changed some of the clauses relating to player loans. The following FAQs explain what it is and what the loan system entails.

What is the player loan system?

The IPL allows franchises to lend / borrow one or more players for a limited period during the season. The player, once on loan, remains with the borrowed team for the remainder of the season.

Is the window active this IPL?

Yes. The window went into effect the day after Game 20 (October 7) and will be active until November 4.

Did a loan take place in 2020 IPL?

Not yet. And it is likely that it will remain so. With injuries and constant problems this season due to the pandemic depriving players of training opportunities during the lockdown, teams hate spending resources. But, more importantly, teams aren’t sure whether they loan a player to a rival franchise because they want to keep their game plans and strategy tight.

Can any player be loaned?

No. Only a player who has played up to two matches (either in the XI in play or as a substitute for a concussion) can be loaned. A player can only be loaned once during the same season. In addition, the IPL playing conditions state that the loaned player “may not” play against the franchise that loaned him out.

Can the player oppose it?

The player must agree to be loaned.

Who pays the player during the loan period?

The amount the player was bought at in an auction will be paid by their original franchise that bought them. The franchise that borrowed it will pay it the prorated match fee.

Is there another financial transaction?

The franchise that borrows the player will have to mutually settle a “loan commission” with the lending franchise as part of the transaction. In accordance with the rules, loan fees are not “subject” to the IPL salary cap.

Is there a cap on the number of players that can be loaned?

The IPL recommends that only two players be borrowed by a franchise in a single season. The rules also state that a franchise cannot loan “no more than three” players to the same rival franchise in a single season.

Nagraj Gollapudi is editor-in-chief of ESPNcricinfo

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