Enjoy Evacuation Drill – Foreign Minister Tells Ghanaians in Ukraine

Foreign Minister Shirley Ayorkor-Botchwey has urged Ghanaians in Ukraine not to miss the opportunity to be evacuated from Ukraine.

This follows reports that some Ghanaians refused evacuation from Ukraine after the government secured tickets for their flights to Ghana.

In a meeting with relatives of Ghanaian nationals in Ukraine on Tuesday, the minister implored relatives of Ghanaians in and around Ukraine “to encourage them to take advantage of this evacuation drill to return to Ghana.”

In recent weeks, concerns have been raised over how the government will evacuate Ghanaians from the country in distress after the Russian invasion.

The ministry also revealed that as of March 1, about 500 Ghanaians had been evacuated from Ukraine to neighboring countries.

These countries include Poland, Romania, Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia.

Deputy Foreign and Regional Integration Minister Kwaku Ampratwum-Sarpong made the announcement when he welcomed the first group of Ghanaians evacuated from Ukraine.

As part of measures to ensure all citizens arrive safely, the government has liaised with Culture Airways and Turkish Airlines for their evacuation.

According to Mr. Ampratwum-Sarpong, the two institutions have “agreed that any Ghanaian who has passed through one of these countries where he flies will be repatriated by air in the next few days”.

The Deputy Minister assured that “the government has made plans to evacuate every student or Ghanaian who is prepared and ready to return home.”

On Tuesday morning, the first group of Ghanaians evacuated from Ukraine arrived at Kotoka International Airport.

A representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs taking part in the evacuation exercise, Dr Albert Kitcher, said that many students stranded in Ukraine continue to arrive at the borders of Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Russia. Poland.

“They are mostly students. For non-students, I know some who left alone. There are about four or five different steps to go through before you get to the border and then get on the plane. These people leave from the city of Lviv; therefore, they are on the territory of Ukraine.

“As they leave, the person running the bus is in constant contact with me and some of the student leaders, and we coordinate as they go on the road.

“As they leave, we give information to the Ghana mission so that when people arrive they are there to receive them,” he said.

Shirley Ayorkor-Botchwey, in today’s meeting with relatives of Ghanaian nationals, said that 49 Ghanaians, including one child, have moved to the Czech Republic, 25 Ghanaians are in Slovakia, 134 Ghanaians in Romania, 81 in Poland and 221 in Hungary.

She revealed that “Two more batches from Romania in different groups of 70 and 64, respectively, are expected to arrive later this week.”

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