Continental keeps Denmark’s SHARE NOW car-sharing fleet operational with smart tire management

SHARE NOW Continental keeps Denmark’s car-sharing fleet running with intelligent tire management.

Expanded collaboration following successful pilot project on cloud-based tire monitoring

The Conti360-degree Fleet Solutions package offers professional tire management for all vehicles in the fleet

Premium tires and responsive service ensure transparent fleet costs and maximum safety for SHARE NOW Denmark

Going forward, SHARE NOW Denmark will have a Conti360-degree Solutions contract to handle all tire management for their fleet. Source: SHARE NOW Denmark

‘Continental is a partner that understands us.’: Morten Jakobsen, CEO of SHARE NOW Denmark. Source: SHARE NOW Denmark

Continental and SHARE NOW Denmark expand their partnership. The move follows a successful collaboration between the two companies on a pilot project on tread depth monitoring of the car-sharing service’s fleet that is expected to last until mid-2022. Going forward, SHARE NOW Denmark will have a Conti360-degree Solutions contract to handle all tire management for its fleet of approximately 700 vehicles. Nearly 65% ​​of them are powered by electricity, while 35% are equipped with a combustion engine. “The high level of confidence in the partnership and the positive results we have achieved have convinced us to entrust the management of the tires of our vehicles to Continental. This will allow us to focus on our core business with new mobility concepts while knowing that our vehicle fleet is kept in good working order,” says Morten Jakobsen, CEO of SHARE NOW Denmark. “Continental’s many years of experience and extensive network of service partners enabled it to meet our specific requirements and provide a tailor-made tire and service concept for our fleet. Continental is a partner who understands us.’

Premium tires and service as part of Conti360 degree solutions

Conti 360 degree fleet solutions for all vehicles in the fleet: SHARE NOW BMW i3. Source: SHARE NOW Denmark

Continental will supply durable, safe and fuel-efficient premium tires and services to SHARE NOW Denmark under its new Conti360-degree Solutions contract. The vehicles will be equipped with AllSeasonContact tires, which have been specially developed for year-round urban use in temperate weather conditions. Tire pressure readings are taken in real time using sensors. This data is relayed directly to SHARE NOW leader of denmark Operations via the cloud, allowing them to view the condition of vehicle tires at any time and take the necessary measures. “The permanent availability of data allows us to carry out fast and cost-effective fleet management”, explains Steen Herlov Andersen, Operations Manager at SHARE NOW Denmark. “Low tire pressure leads to higher rolling resistance, which reduces battery life and tire wear.

Both are bad news for us – from an environmental and cost perspective. In addition, we avoid nervous customers driving cars with a flashing light that indicates low tire pressure. The Conti360-degree Fleet Solutions contract has enabled the car-sharing provider to set up a personalized service package and capitalize on the benefits available – from selecting and installing the right tires to training program for employees and to data-driven tire monitoring.

New benchmark for smart and digital tire solutions

Tansu Isik, Head of Business Development and Global Marketing at Continental Tires.

Since the start of the pilot project at the end of 2020, Continental has also successfully demonstrated real-time tread depth monitoring on vehicles in the SHARE NOW Denmark fleet. In partnership with telematics specialist Questar, the premium tire manufacturer combined information from tire sensors and telemetry data from fleet vehicles with a specially developed algorithm in the cloud. As a result, Continental is able to predict tire tread depth with a high degree of accuracy. “We are the first to market with a solution that can offer accurate tread depth monitoring using an algorithm,” says Tansu Isik, Head of Business Development and Global Marketing at Continental Tires. “It’s accurate to the millimeter, setting a new benchmark for smart digital tire solutions. Many fleet customers are already taking advantage of our comprehensive portfolio of 360-degree solutions with guaranteed mileages and a full range of tire services accessible anytime and anywhere.

Interconnected data for intelligent mobility

SHARE NOW can already see the fruits of its collaboration with Continental. “Once the test phase has been successfully completed in March 2022, the goal is to adopt tread depth monitoring for the entire fleet where possible,” says Steen Herlov Andersen, Operations Manager at SHARE NOW Denmark. Continental works with selected fleet customers such as SHARE NOW to demonstrate how tires, sensors, telemetry data, algorithms and the cloud can be interconnected to create added value for the customer. The resulting smart digital solutions will help to ensure that in future it will be possible to carry out maintenance or tire replacement exactly when required. This will allow customers to significantly increase the safety and productivity of their fleets while reducing costs.


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