CID investigation ordered to siphon Rs 242crore of public funds into AP

Vijayawada: The AP government ordered an investigation by CID into the siphoning of public funds by network companies in connection with the Siemens project. The order was issued by

G Jayalakshmi, Principal Secretary of the Government, Sunday.

The order says it has come to the attention of the government that the forensic audit commissioned by the AP State Skill Development Corporation has been completed and that a report has been submitted by the company to the government on the project. Siemens.

“He concluded that M / s Designtech and M / s Siemens had embezzled funds from 241 78 61 508 via various shell companies,” the order said.

The report also found that M / s. Designtech and M / s. Siemens only used the government contribution or 370.78 crore (10%), which was contrary to the initial terms of the program.

It has also come to the attention of the state government through central government agencies that a network of companies has embezzled APSSDC funds through a bogus billing system relating to the Siemens project.

As a result, APSSDC submitted a report to the government and requested it to initiate a further investigation into the matter through the appropriate state government agencies.

The government, after careful consideration of the findings of the forensic audit report and the request of the Director General of APSSDC, decided to refer the matter to the Crime Investigation Department (CID) of Andhra Pradesh for an investigation. detailed on the irregularities.

As a result, the additional director general of police, CID, called for further investigations into the case, to take the necessary steps according to the law and immediately submit a report to the government.

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