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FRANCISTOWN: Botswana Football Association (BFA) Director of Regions and Competitions, James Phuthego Setete, will be leaving the association at the end of the month.

Setete will leave with the financial director of the Thabiso Kebotsamang association following the non-renewal of their employment contracts. “It is true that his (Setete’s) contract was not renewed as such, he will be leaving the FA job on November 30.

The CFO’s contract has not been renewed either, ”BFA (BFA) Managing Director Goabaone Taylor told The Monitor Sport yesterday. Taylor would not be brought up to discuss why Setete and Kebotsamang are leaving. “The reasons for not renewing their contracts are confidential and I hope this will be respected.” Setete, who is one of the country’s well-known football administrators, joined the association as director of competitions and regions in 2017. His departure from the association will come as a shock to many as he was widely regarded as one of the main driving forces of the association. football transformation program.

Kebotsamang has also been part of the association for some time.

At one point, he was appointed interim CEO after Mfolo Mfolo’s unceremonious departure. Although Setete is not available for comment, Kebotsamang said he will not confirm or deny that he is leaving the association. “All inquiries regarding my contractual situation should be directed to the CEO,” he said. More people are expected to follow Setete and Kebotsamang out of Lekidi as the BFA restructures into a lighter entity.

The restructuring exercise, which is expected to result in job cuts, has been on the association’s agenda for more than a year but has been interrupted due to the state of public emergency (SoE) which ended in September. Under the SoE, the layoffs were deemed illegal.

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