Between Two Beers podcast: New Zealand cricket’s most explosive moments

Australia’s Mitchell Johnson and New Zealand’s Scott Styris touch heads during the first one-day international match between New Zealand and Australia in 2010. Photo/Getty Images.

Scott Styris was one of the best all-around players in New Zealand cricket, who played 188 ODIs, 29 Test matches and 31 T20s for the Black Caps.

His playing career spanned the amateur and professional era of the sport as well as the introduction of the T20 where he was one of the game’s early pioneers and globetrotters. Now working as an international cricket commentator and pundit for over t a decade he has a reputation as one of the sharpest minds in cricket with a ton of great stories on and off the wicket.

Scott takes us behind the scenes of the IPL TV scene, his marriage and his pranks with his wife Nicky, and the fight with Anton Devcich. He talks about some of his memorable clashes on the pitch, including his breakup with Mitchell Johnson and the short-lived T20 cricket tiebreaker.

This episode is packed with stories from over 20 years of cricket and provides insight into Scott’s personality. always ready to laugh and backed by a base of great insight and experience.

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View Notes | Episode 68 | Scott Styris

1.39 Bad Emails, Fergburger, Botswana Butchery, Wally Lees and Gibbston Valley Cricket Match

4.41 Some niche content from Hamilton Boys’ High School: cricket stories invented by Chris Kuggeleijn, cricket 1st XI, football 1st XI, rugby 1st XV, volleyball 1st VII

12.29 The real world: growing up, pressure to study, find a job and juggle a cricketing career

04.20 A stickler for the rules?

02.22 Scott Styris vs. Anton Devcich: Styris’ point of view

26.16 Jimmy Pamment: screwing up the warm-ups, the Champions League and the abandonment

29:45 Scott Styris vs. Mitchell Johnson

37.36 The Black Shock

40.13 Target Graeme Smith and Faf du Plessis, and luge kings Shane Warne and Tim Southee

48.20 The Good Guys of Cricket: The Black Caps of the Modern Era

50.22 The Relationship with Nicky Styris: First Night Out, Hole-in-One, Wilson Golf Clubs and Scott Stryis Brand Sportswear

58.01 Departure for the Black Caps: taking of the wickets of Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara

1.02.21 The very first T20 and the very first T20 bowl against the West Indies

1.07.11 The IPL and Thoughts on the Short Form of the Game

1.11.42 A look back at 20 years of cricket career: amateur to professional and pre-T20 to T20

15.1.39 Life on the road on the T20 circuit

1.18.21 The fallout with Mark Richardson and the comment box world

1.22.55 Scott Styris the coach?

1.24.36 Commenting in the IPL and impressions from India

1.27.51 A future career as a “stop/go” man

1.30.00 Niche areas: Fantasy baseball league and cricket in PNG

1.34.38 Steven, Seamus and Scott’s last words

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